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    Specialist lawyers in Baden-Baden & Rastatt.

Specialist lawyers in Baden-Baden & Rastatt

Law firm Riedel

German law is multifaceted and complex. Experts dominate the legal fields. We don’t cover everything, but what we do, we do well!

Specialization in labor law

Employment law is a central focus of our law firm in Baden-Baden. Every day we represent both employees and employers in difficult legal questions Nationwide.

Traffic Law

Traffic ticket fines and penalties, license suspension, driving license, speeding, rental car, administrative offence, compensation for pain and suffering, safety distance, red light offence, accident regulation.

Criminal Law

Probation, search, preliminary proceedings, appeal against detention, detention test, incidental action, criminal complaint, penalty order, criminal procedural law, juvenile criminal law, narcotics.

Family Law

Separation, divorce, custody, right of access, calculation of maintenance, paternity.

Tenancy law and residential property law

Operating costs, own use, house rules, termination, rent increase, rent deposit, rent reduction, rental agreement, housing allowance.

That is what we stand for

A modern service.  Our service concept puts your needs at the center. To achieve your goals, we offer the best legal structure to guarantee result-oriented advice within Germany.
Private person or entrepreneur.  Whether you come to us as a private person or as a representative of a company, you can always expect fast and professional support. We are at your side as personal advisors in conflict situations and we are competent partners beyond legal questions.

The best solution for your problem.  Legal disputes can often be drawn-out and expensive. We try to avoid them – as far as possible and reasonable. However, should a lawsuit turn out to be the best solution for you, you can rely on our many years of litigation experience as lawyers in Baden-Baden.

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  • You can easily find all necessary data in your documents.
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We are proven experts in law. But that is not enough. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and give you first-class advice!

Christoph Riedel

Labour Law

Géraldine Klaschka

Family Law

Sebastian Adam

Tax law and traffic law

Arnd Link

Building Law